Thursday, August 10, 2006

Whitefish Montana ahhh, what a beautiful place. Our client was building a very special home there. They are a wonderful couple, one of the nicest couples that I have had the pleasure of meeting. They wanted a very unique and artful home. Much of the home is decorated with furniture that she designed herself and had built to her specifications. The little gate to the left is the "Dance of the Dragonflies". If you look closely you can see the latch on the right is a dragonfly also. This gate was located in the front of the home, in front of a small courtyard, next to the main entry of the home. The courtyard is just off the main dining area for the home. Each element of the home was very carefully thought out. One stand out feature is the master bath, it has a tub that was a huge boulder of granite. It was sliced in half and hollowed out and smoothly polished, it is placed in front of a large picture window with a breath taking view of Flathead Lake. The house is situated on a hillside, so you can see for miles, beautiful! I think I could live comfortably in the masterbath, with the addition of a bed and microwave which would fit in there with no problem. At the first meeting that we had with our client she wanted us to fabricate two gates, a railing for the stairway, and a huge--10'x10' arched piece to suspend from the ceiling in their entryway. Ok, I'll say it...the RAILING really scaird me. Getting angles right, you have to be really exact, and I thought perhaps she might want something that was made by a blacksmith, something with a little more dimension. We decided that we would do the gates and the 10'x10' piece. I wasn't scaird anymore, and Steve was all along saying that we could do it and I shouldn't be scaird. Well, the client met with a blacksmith and then, next thing I new, we were doing the railing! Woo Hoo...I'm scaird. Ok, a little voice said, "trust me, we can do this," or maybe that was Steve...yeah that was Steve...anyway, I trusted that Steve could get all the angles right and knew what the heck he was doing, I knew that I could handle the design elements, but Steve figured out all the angles and made all of the outside dimensions and then I just filled it with plant designs. I worked for hours and hours just finding the right plants that would translate nicely in steel with our process. The theme was 'Native Plants of Montana'. It stretched us, it made us grow and we were blessed with success! I am thankful to Nicola for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to work on such a wonderful project. I am thankful everyday for a husband who treats me with respect and who loves me unconditionally. Thankful that he thinks he is, "the luckiest guy in the world", Shhh...let's not wreck his fantasy...besides I'm REALLY the lucky one! Posted by Picasa

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