Friday, August 11, 2006

This gate is a driveway gate for a home in Vancouver WA. The owner of the gate had seen us at the Salem Art Festival for 3 years in a row and fell in love with a small gate that is pictured in my first post. I started with that small gate pattern and then stretched it out a bit, I added about 30" more in length and about 20" taller for each side. Each gate that we do is custom, because everyones opening is usually different. Sometimes clients like a certain gate and then build their opening to fit the gate. This next gate has a home in Portland OR with a very nice family that said they had been looking for a gate for a few years for just the right gate. They found us at the NW Flower and Garden Show and decided that this was the gate that they had been waiting for. This gate is an art gate--meaning that it is there mainly for esthetics, it's not going to keep your dog in the yard (we have heard this comment at least 200 times, that's a conservative estimate according to Steve). It has a really nice powder coat, this is a baked on heavy duty powdered paint, the color is 'Copper Vein'. My personal favorite gate so far that we have installed is this next one, called 'The Dance of the Dragonflies". The client said, "The gate was the highlight to an already strong courtyard". The house is the industrial look and the walls around the courtyard were gray smooth cement. The gate softened the gray concrete and also gave the gate an understated background which just let the gate shine. The measurements on this gate is 41" wide x 70" tall. A wonderful couple! 'The Falling Leaf' gate measures about 50" wide and 64" tall, it sits in a beautiful garden near Lake Washington. We are designing a railing for this client, which will have a plant theme. The asymetrical posts were a first for us, but I love them. This style of gate was in a designers garden in the NW Flower and Garden Show, it blew me away to see this mounted between two huge columns of granite, just beautiful. The garden was also very cool with a floating bed in the middle of a pond, wow. The owners are a very nice couple, who are very patient with us, thanks Bruce and Maria! Posted by Picasa

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