Thursday, August 31, 2006

I love pink glass!! Nana (my grandma) had beautiful pink fancy wine goblets, etched flowers played on the surface of each glass. When she passed away, my mother lovingly displayed them behind glass. I believe the stlye of glass is called Elegant Glass, it's very thin, and light pink in color. When my mother passed away, the glasses that I loved were mine. I have tried to find glasses to replace some of the missing pieces that have been broken over the years and so far have found 2 pieces. If I am ever by an antique store I have to look for pink glass. Steve was afraid to use them for our meals, but I insisted that they were made to be used, so we use them and I love them. We are making our own memories using them, sometimes a glass of wine or splitting a can of coke, the pink glass makes everything taste better. In the past, Moretti aka Effetre which is an Italian glass, up until now,hasn't made a really nice light pink glass for my glass bead making. I also use Lauscha and Vetrefond, but no, they don't have a really nice pink either. The pinks that they have just kind of miss the mark, usually too pale. So what Moretti does have is a glass called Rubino Oro or gold pink, every batch is a little different sometimes lighter or darker. I used that for the bracelet above, it is what I used for the cranberry dangle heart, the tiny beads on either side of the spotted bead with the green flower, and anything cranberry colored. Looking at the picture here, those beads look almost black, but they are cranberry colored. If I layer that color over white it turns out to be the color of the little rosebud on the hearts and the flowers that are encased, I also used it for the base color under the flower in that same bead, also it was used for the dots. The nice light pink heart was purchased. With all that said, I went shopping for glass last week, I found a glass that is supposed to be bubble gum pink, so I bought a bunch, haven't tried it yet, but I will let you know....I love pink glass. Posted by Picasa

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