Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 NW Flower and Garden Show--Run Piggies Run!!

This year's garden show at the Convention Center in Seattle was a complete blast! The amount of preparation and work that goes into each garden is mind boggling. Our team consisted of a Landscape Designer-Susan Browne of Susan Browne Landscape Design, a Landcaper/Designer-James Sprague of Fancy Plants Gardens, Anders Hagen of Home Restoration and us, plus a ton of volunteers. The theme of this years Garden Show was 'Once Upon a time...' our entry was based on The Three Little Pigs. The name of the garden was Run Piggies Run!! This year I wanted to include a few pictures of the actual process of putting the garden's amazing to watch the garden being built from beginning to end. Take a little peek into this miniature world of The Three Little Pigs...Run Piggies Run!!

Steve wrangling the stump that will be placed in front of the Big Bad Wolf's den

Lifting huge rocks into place
Making the retaining wall around the, soon to be placed, brick house
The framework for the wolf den
The stump is placed in front of the wolf den. Brick house has been placed. Some sawdust has landed.
The Brick House with it's pretty railing
The beginnings of The Stick House, the paddle wheel behind, waiting for placement
The finished garden...beginning with The Straw House
The Big Bad Wolf's laundry on right...Grandma's night gown, sheep skin ('A wolf in sheeps clothing') and his everyday attire (jeans and suspenders). BB's mailbox, and the wolf den.
Wolf's den and his campfire and cooking pot, and a cool metal sculputure made by our friend Chas Guidry.
Inside view of den.
Pond with paddle wheel.
Brick house done up right! Metal railings by Steve.
The Stick House
Sign on front of The Stick House